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Industry Leading Interior Designer: Ally Lewis

If you are looking for an unwavering eye for detail, ACL Interiors is the right Interior Design studio for you. Since 2019, Ally has been bringing great style and sophistication to clients all over New York and New Jersey. She can design anything as small as furniture selection for a single bedroom to as large as a full home renovation and is able to work with any clients budgets. ACL Interiors provides expert guidance throughout the whole design process from beginning to end and doesn’t stop until their clients are 100 percent happy with the finished look. Ally truly believes the little things make the biggest difference in a home and understands that outstanding design is possible no matter the budget.

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Guest Bathroom Renovation

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Kitchen Renovation

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Primary Bathroom Renovation

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Dining Room Renovation

image7 (1).jpeg

Bedroom Renovation

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Kitchen/Dining/Living Space

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